Peanut Butter Fondue

This is my new favorite thing to make in my crock pot.  I got the crock pot cookbook for Christmas and have loved making some new things in my slow cooker.  This recipe is super easy and super yummy.  I tested the recipe out on my darling children and we dipped apples, bananas, pretzels, celery sticks, and ritz crackers in it.  It is super sticky when your kids decide to start dipping their fingers in it…but it does have some protein so I thought it made for a pretty good snack.  I made it for MOPS last week and I think it was a hit.  I quadrupled the recipe for that group and it was nearly gone!  If you do have leftovers, just microwave or re heat over low heat and add a bit more half and half cream until smooth.  I wished I would have remembered to bring the cream to the MOPS meeting b/c after the crock pot sat on low for 2+ hours the fondue started to thicken and although it still tastes the same the texture changes a little.

The recipe and ingredients are here.  Stephanie’s peanut butter fondue Enjoy!

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