Where I’ve been…

So, this is what happens when you start a blog to talk about all the things you love and that are important to you and then get pregnant.  6 1/2 weeks of nausea followed by the catching up from being sick for 6 weeks and then family illnesses, the holidays, and a trip to CA and finally I have decided to try again.

For those who don’t know, the baby is doing great!  20 weeks along and I feel much better… we will find out next week if it is a boy or girl 🙂  We are all doing well and the kids are growing like crazy and learning so much each day.  We all enjoyed our time in CA but are glad to be home.  Now, there are at least 13 blog posts rolling around in my head that I wanted to share so we will see how many I can get done each week.  The first one is on Xylitol and dental care which is something we are relatively new to, but very excited about.  Look for that one later today or tomorrow.  🙂 Robin

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